In my perception, media allows to interlace our daily fashion statements with culture, arts and events of global scale, creating an enchanting and kaleidoscopic platform. Thus, I decided to create Cappuccio Con Chic. A blog, a diary, a place of controversial discussions, a photo gallery, a news source, a travel advisor, Cappuccio Con Chic ticks all the boxes. My philosophy focuses on the idea that it is important to make every minute of the reader’s time be a 100% worth it since nowadays we are overwhelmed with the amount of media content. Moreover, I am not trying to please anyone with my writing but rather to share ideas from the heart and always stay honest to what I believe in.


Kiev, Ukraine.

So Who Am I?

Kseniia. Originally from Ukraine, I was born and raised in Kiev- a beautiful and culturally rich environment that shaped my personality in many ways. At the age of 11 I moved to Prague, Czech Republic as it was a city where my father has spent his university years. Moving to a different country shaped my personality because I learnt to adapt to a new environment, inhaling a breathtaking mix of new cultures, languages, opportunities and most importantly, new people. Attending an International School made me open-minded and unbiased towards the unknown.


Prague, Czech Republic

Nevertheless, when traveling with my family across Europe, I kept dreaming about Italy. Like a magnet this country attracted me with its majestic architecture, melodic language, hospitable people, incredible taste and irresistible fashion. All the above persuaded me to follow my dreams by moving to Milan, where I started to attend a world famous university, Istituto Marangoni.


Milan, Italy

I have recently began to collaborate with The Italian Eye Magazine as a contributory editor, so make sure to check out my articles on this brilliant platform that primally focuses on travel & lifestyle.


Making friends, sharing my passion towards journalism, cinematography and music, constructing beautiful articles while both informing and aesthetically pleasing my audience are the goals that I am dreaming to reach. For now, Capuccio Con Chic is a reflection of my taste and I hope that you enjoy an adventurous journey with me.

P.S. Do not hesitate to contact me for business inquires in any of these languages (English, Italian, French,  Czech, Russian, Ukrainian) and I will definitely get back to you!