Frida Kahlo. Oltre il mito / Beyond the Myth. Mudec, Milano.

For the last couple of months, from dozens of billboards all over Milan, people could have noticed an attentive gaze of a mysterious Mexican woman. Frida Kahlo– one of the most recognized female artists of the 20th century. Her style contains surrealistic influences with a number of references to the pre-Columbian Mexican culture and folk style.


Curated by Diego Sileo, a one-of-a-kind exhibition Frida. Oltre il mito arrives at the Mudec gallery in Milan and is available to the public from February 2, 2018, till June 3, 2018. It took six years of research to put together not just the artworks, but the letters, the photographs, the sketches and the other materials in order to recreate the world of the artist. The following materials have their home at Casa Azul, the house-museum of Frida Kahlo. The exhibition is divided into 4 themes: Woman, Earth, Politics and Pain, as these keywords best represent the universe of the painter.

A tragic catastrophe is her life made Frida Kahlo step on the path of becoming the icon of art. As a result of the road accident between a tram and a bus, at the age of 18, Frida got a number of injuries that left her bedridden for years. It was precisely then when she first took a paintbrush in her hands.

I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best,

used to say the artist, referring to a number of her self-portraits, which are among her most known masterpieces. To a certain extent, Kahlo turned her image into a manifesto. The artist often portraits herself dressed in the clothes typical of the national communities as well as surrounded by animals. The following has its roots in the Mesoamerican beliefs, called nahualli, where everyone had an alter ego in a form of an animal. Thus, one of her famous works “The Wounded Deer” or the “Self-portrait with Monkeys”.

The Wounded Deer, 1946
Screenshot at февр. 05 17-48-40
Self-portrait with Monkeys, 1938

The personal life of Frida Kahlo was full of disappointments. She was desperately in love with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera. He was 20 years older than Frida and had a passion for women, often cheating oh his wife. On one hand, she adored her husband, while on the other, suffered a lot. Torn by the doubts, Frida divorced and remarried Diego and the conflict of their complicated love story is best portrayed in “The Love Embrace of the Universe” and “Diego in my Thoughts”.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, 1940
L’amoroso abbraccio dell’Universo, la Terra (Messico), Diego, io e il Signor Xólotl.png
The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego, and Señor Xólotl
Diego nella mia mente, 1943.png
Diego in my Thoughts, 1943

Kahlo suffered three miscarriages and could never become a mother. The traces of her pain could be seen in a number of artworks of hers. In compensation, however, she was an extravagant persona, known for smoking, swearing, drinking, and yet, during her independent trip to Paris in 1939, Louvre bought one her paintings- an outstanding achievement for a living woman artist of the time!

Frida Kahlo died in a lot of pain, shortly after having her leg amputated due to gangrene. The artist became rather a symbol of strong will and feminism. Kahlo passed away saying,

“I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.”

The truth is, she never exited, always remaining in the memory of those admiring her art.

La colonna spezzata, 1944.png
The Broken Column (Pain), 1944

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Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018: The Celebration of the Individuals

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear haute couture? Extravagant ball gowns, intricate embroidery, and an abundance of luxurious textiles used to make the audience to admiringly follow every move of the graceful models but in the ever-evolving world, this approach does not cut it anymore. For the consumer of today, couture is an authoritarian and a supreme way to make a statement in the world of fashion and art, making the audience reflect in addition to simply appreciate.

Valentino Haute Couture SS 18.jpg
Opening Look of the Valentino Haute Couture Fashion Show SS 18



Because human stories always change everything”, said Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director of Valentino. The Spring/Summer haute couture collection of 2018 immediately stirred a discussion among the fashion enthusiasts and not only, starting with the invitations. The following featured handwritten notes with a huge V inside, shaped from 72 signatures of the petit mains that stood behind the iconic looks. In fact, the designer named each look in honor of its creator, thus giving the ultimate credit and celebrating the hard working highly skilled professionals that rarely get recognition.

And so the show begins. It takes more than courage and nonchalance to put, as an opening look, an outfit that consists of a puffy tapering yellow coat with manly fitting brown pants and a semi-transparent white tank with diagonal stripes. Perhaps the loudest and the most memorable feature of the ensemble was the jellyfish-inspired aquamarine ostrich feather hat. However, signor Piccioli did not stop there and disregarded the unspoken rule of sticking to a particular color palette. Sun yellow, tropical teal, royal violet, classic red, refined coral and other bright shades contrasted perfectly with soft neutrals. Feathers skimming the floor, oversized headpieces, large ruffles, girly scallops, massive flower prints, sheer and sparkling textures, defined waistline, the lightness of tulle fabrics: this fashion vinaigrette seems to have earned the fashion house a Michelin star. The collection celebrated diversity not only of the clothes that enter in the definition of haute couture but also of the individuals that work together to create something extraordinary.

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A Traveler’s Guide: What to do if you have your documents stolen/lost in Italy?

Packed luggage, booked tickets, researched sightseeing locations, chosen restaurants and a lot of excitement. The following is the basic traveler’s checklist before a new amazing trip. However, just like any adventure, the road may take unexpected turns and one may end up in a situation that has never been foreseen. Perhaps one of the traveler’s worst nightmares is having lost/stolen documents. The initial reaction of a person is incredible frustration and anger since no thieves usually mean to steal the documents and yet now you are in the middle of a foreign city without any idea what to do. Since I found myself exactly in this situation, I will share with you my experience.

It was a Sunday evening and I was inside the Milan metro with my parents, exactly around the rush hour. We were talking in a high voice, making it obvious that we were tourists and holding a few large shopping bags, meaning that our hands were not free. My father had a cross body bag on a zip where he usually keeps all the money and documents safe and secure. Suddenly, something weird happened and as the train approached the station, a man passed by and screamed something loud towards us, making us distracted. The doors of the train opened and we were trying to enter but the two women purposely seemed not willing to move a bit aside. Entering last, my father heard the sound of the closing doors and put all of his attention on the shopping bags, making sure that they do not get stuck in the door. A few stops later he looked at me with worry and quietly said, “my bag is opened, all the documents are gone.” I felt my heart beating faster and anxiety hitting me like a wave. Passports, residence permits, health insurances, credit cards and some money – it was all in that little document holder of my father. The thieves must have thought that it was just a wallet.

The situation described is pretty disturbing but what is even worse is the complete absence of any plan of action. Here are the steps that need to be done:

  • Breathe and not panic.
  • Block the credit cards.
  • If you are still in the metro, ask the staff a phone number of the “Lost and Found Office” as well as the website where you can submit an online form of the item that went missing. (Applies if the incident happened in the public transport) Keep in mind that the thieves usually throw the documents away immediately.
  • Search online or ask for the nearest “QUESTURA” (a special police office that takes care of the missing items).
  • Once you get there, you will want to “fare la denuncia” (the complaint). Usually, you will have to go through the metal detector and get inside a waiting room that will have a line.
  • The police officers that usually speak English will carefully take note of everything that was stolen/lost and issue an official stamped and signed document. They will then take your phone number and an email address to contact you in case the documents are found.
  • With the police claim, you will be able to go to the consulate of your country and they will issue you permanent documents that will allow you to function the rest of the trip and return home safely as well as to be able to re-make the documents later on.

Addresses and phone numbers in Milan:



  • Questura Milano URP Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico

Address: Via Fatebenefratelli 11 20121 (MILANO – MI) Phone: +39 02 6226 5300 Email:

  • Questura Milano Divisione Polizia Amministrativa e Sociale

Address: via Cordusio 4 20123 (MILANO – MI) Phone: +39 02 6226 1

  • Questura Milano Ufficio Concorsi

Address: Piazza Sant’Ambrogio 5 20123 (MILANO – MI) Phone: +39 02 7228 1

  • Questura Milano Ufficio Immigrazione

Address: Via Montebello 26 20121 (MILANO – MI) Phone: +39 02 6226 1


Lost and Found: +39 02 884 53900

Online form

No matter what happens, remember to stay calm and know that the situation is fixable. Nevertheless, it is always best to keep an eye on your purses and leave the documents in the hotel. Stay safe and aware!

Louis Vuitton x Palazzo Reale: Art is Love

Bio & Product

The brand was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton on the Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France and was specialized in the production of trunks. Thus, one of the inventions that immediately distinguished Louis Vuitton from its competitors was the waterproof canvas that allowed the suitcases to be put outside the carriages without getting wet. Another revolutionary idea of the brand was the introduction of the flat-bottom trunks, in opposition to the curved-bottom ones on the market, which significantly reduced their weight and made it possible for the luggage to be stack on top of each other. The company presented their invention in the 1867 Universal exhibition in Paris and had a large success, to the point where almost all luggage makers started imitating its designs. After the death of his father, Georges Vuitton began building the brand into a worldwide corporation and one of the first steps was the introduction of the signature monogram canvas, presented in 1896. By 1913, the Louis Vuitton store opened on the famous Champs-Élysées. In the years to come, Louis Vuitton had collaborated with famous artists and designers, becoming one of the most valuable brands in the world. Moreover, in 1987, the most powerful multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH was created. Currently, the estimated value of Louis Vuitton alone is US$ 23.4 billion. (Louis Vuitton: online)

The Capucines handbag, with its name, pays the tribute to the first store ever opened. The shape of the bag is classic yet effortless, meaning that it can be worn day and night, casually and for a special occasion. Moreover, the bag comes in many different colors and leathers, making sure that each woman will find her perfect one.

Concept & Objectives

The objective of the project was to create a video campaign that would emphasize the timeless aspects of the brand and the idea that the designs of Louis Vuitton cannot be constrained by the frames of time. It is known that the brand supports art, has its own foundation and participates in artistic events like the Design Week, etc. Therefore, the main idea behind the video was to show the bonding between fashion and art and since the opening of the first store dates in 1895, the epoch ties perfectly with the rise and popularity of the Impressionist movement, which took place in the middle of the 19th century and was spread by the artists like Manet, Cézanne, Degas, Renoir, Monet, and Gaugin. Just like a piece of a puzzle, a bag from Louis Vuitton fits perfectly in one of the most known impressionist masterpieces, “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe”, created by Édouard Manet. The chosen shade of the bag is called “Tournesol”, which is a combination between yellow and orange, making the accents on the painting of the same color stand out more.

It is important to add that the chosen concept goes in line with the brand’s character because of its latest collaboration with a famous American contemporary artist Jeff Koons, called “Masters”, released in the beginning of May, also experiments with the eternal pieces of art. However, while in this collection the art pieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, and other painters are placed on the bag, the idea presented is the direct opposite. Thus, it is rather the bag that is inside the work of art.

Target & Event

The target of Louis Vuitton is always orientated towards the audience that is interested in arts and has an elevated lifestyle, which gives a perfect reason to present the video during the exhibition of the Impressionist art in Palazzo Reale. The video campaign will hold its exclusive preview then, previously introduced via teasers on various social media platforms. The guests of the “Art Is Love” event will be guided through the exhibition and presented to the new colors of the Capucines bags, followed by a gala dinner. The public will be informed on the social media about the official release of the video and be invited to visit the exhibition.

Work In Progress & The Music Choice

The initial step of the project was to cut the poster into equally sized trianglesf so that they would resemble a mosaic. The action itself was then filmed in the studio, where the camera was always placed high up, giving the footage a “bird’s eye view”.


Без заголовка.png         Без заголовка 1.png

Photos from the shooting

The music chosen is from an English contemporary rock musician, Jamie T, precisely the instrumental version of his song “Sheila”. The modern beat of the song fits well the puzzle effect of the video and contrasts with an “old” painting.

Storyboard & Video Dynamics

Без заголовка 2.pngБез заголовка 3.pngБез заголовка 4.png

Video Script

The video begins with the fade from white, where, with a mosaic effect, appears “Louis Vuitton presents”. Then the viewer sees some pieces of paper falling down, shot at the eye-level and then from the high angle. The following filming technique makes the action look the most realistic because it gives the viewer an effect of witnessing the motion. A hand then swipes the pieces to the right, outside the frame, leaving the screen white.

As the beat of the music begins, the hand starts to assemble the puzzle that is made out of triangles. Eventually, the viewer understands that the pieces make up the painting “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe”. The motion is sped up in After Effect in order to give the video more dynamics. However, the last piece of the puzzle that is put in has normal speed, so that the viewer can see that it contains the Capucines handbag. As the hand moves out, the flash appears on the screen, synchronized with a sound effect made by a camera, and the video cuts to the full painting that has no more splits in it.

Further on, the painting fades out and only the handbag remains, slowly enlarging and becoming the protagonist of the screen. The bag changes colors and every other image has the mosaic effect on it, which ties the idea back to the puzzle made with the painting. Simultaneously, the writing appears above the bags, saying, “For all times” and “Art is LOVE.” The following choice of text reemphasizes the connection of the brand with arts and states the fact that the products of Louis Vuitton are always relevant. Following, the only thing remaining on the screen is the word “LOVE” that is enlarging and the letters “L and V” make a counter clockwise turn to add a playful touch. Lastly, the “O” and the “E” fade out, while the “L” and the “V” merge together, creating the logo and a graphically beautiful conclusion to the video. The video ends with credits.

Link to the video:


Без заголовка 6.pngБез заголовка 7.png

Facebook Post

Без заголовка 8.png    Без заголовка 9.png


Since the tweet is restricted to 120 characters, it is important to keep it brief and formal. However, the Facebook post is meant to have a more relaxed voice and be rather emotionally appealing to the target audience than solely informative. It is important to remember the importance of visual elements in the form of photos as well as hashtags that help to make the post easily searchable. Lastly, it has more potential to release the video on Facebook and Instagram due to the fact that it only lasts 53 seconds and the content of this length is not suitable for YouTube. Moreover, the media channels of Louis Vuitton have a large audience and by releasing the video there, the possible customers can be guided to the company’s website, where the video will be put too, alongside the new collection.

Press Release

Без заголовка 11.pngБез заголовка 10.png


For All Times: Art Is Love

Discover a breathtaking collaboration of Louis Vuitton and Palazzo Reale, presenting the masterpieces of Impressionism and the new line of Capucines handbags.

 Milan, May 27th, 2017 Palazzo Reale is hosting an exclusive event organized by Louis Vuitton to celebrate its Capucines collection. From 6 pm the guests will be guided through the masterpieces of art and given the exclusive preview of the new colors of the Capucines bags, followed by a dinner at 9 pm. The highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the new video campaign for the occasion. Louis Vuitton is sponsoring the exhibition dedicated to the genius impressionist Édouard Manet and his contemporaries, which will be opened to the public from May 28th till July 10th.

“L’art du voyage” is the ultimate statement of Louis Vuitton; therefore this time the brand has organized a voyage into the arts and the modern Paris of the 19th century. The following event is a testimonial that ties together fashion and art, demonstrating that the products of Louis Vuitton are timeless, classic, and handcrafted to the point where they stand alongside the masterpieces of art.

“Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new,” stated Nicolas Ghesquiere, the creative director of the brand. This way of thinking truly unites the world of risk-taking impressionists, like Cézanne, Degas, Renoir, Manet and Gaugin, and that of Louis Vuitton. Since the heritage is one of the key values for the brand, Capucines pay tribute to the first store ever opened, located on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris.

“We are honored that a worldwide brand like Louis Vuitton chose Milan and Palazzo Reale to share its spectacular creations and unite them with art”, stated Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan. “Art is Love” is not only challenging the “normal”, but also exploring the timeless by combining the past with the present.


Palazzo Reale has witnessed a number of people and events through the centuries, from the Sforza dynasty to Napoleon. The new masters would always alternate and renew the appearance of the palace until it eventually became the prestigious location for major art exhibitions in Milan that we know today. Learn more at

About Louis Vuitton

The brand was founded in 1895 by Louis Vuitton in Paris, France and specialized in the production of trunks. Thus, one of the inventions that immediately distinguished it from the competitors was the waterproof canvas that allowed the luggage to be put outside the carriages without getting wet, along with its flat-bottomed shape. Currently Louis Vuitton is one of the leading international fashion houses producing leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, books, and perfumes. Learn more at

Press images and the press release are available for download on

Без заголовка 12.png

Press Contact

Name     Kseniia Miasnikova

Mobile   346 516 30 10

Email    k.miasnikova.stu026095




The project has not only reinforced my technical skills in using After Effect but also creative thinking and communication strategies. Moreover, the concept and the dynamics are modern and fit perfectly with the brand, giving a possibility for the creation of a series. Other models of handbags can be connected to other artists and the advertisement has a potential to be placed in the boutiques’ windows or on the brand’s website.


Louis Vuitton (2017). A Legendary History. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23.05.2017].

To What Extent Are Modern and Post-Modern Consumers Similar or Different?


The consumption of fashion to a certain extent has always been present in the society because clothes perform the basic function of covering up the human body. However, over the centuries the process evolved and became more complex, thus transforming into the idea of consumerism. The following phenomenon is defined as a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. The two basic points of references for the research are modernism and post-modernism because these time frames are best to illustrate the process of changes in consumer behavior as well as the remained similarities. Therefore, the research will explore the effects of the industrialization, second-hand stores, trickle-down and bubble-up effects, the democratization of fashion, the power of labels, semiotics, neo-tribalism, psychological classifications and consumer loyalty to answer the question, “To what extent are modern and post-modern consumers similar or different?”

Modernity vs. Postmodernity

A German sociologist and philosopher Jürgen Habermas states, “The project of modernity formulated in the 18th century by the philosophers of the enlightenment consisted in their efforts to develop objective science, universal morality and law, and autonomous art, according to their inner logic.” As a result, modernity can be viewed as an approach and a lens through which people viewed the world. It is obvious that the process of changing happens gradually, however, the beginning of post-modernism is considered to be in 1979. A French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard was the first one to give this name because he noted a change of approach in the worlds of science, art, and literature. In terms of fashion, the difference is hold in the rapid consumption and production rhythm that is currently present, illustrated by the fast fashion stores, semi-annual sales, outlets, etc. Moreover, in the postmodernist period, there is a significant shift from a rational to a symbolic system. (Venkatesh 1992: online) Lastly, a great individualism and fragmentation also enter the concept of postmodernism, which are concepts that did not exist before. (Raaij and Schoonderbeek, 1993, p. 479-484)

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In the society that promotes romantic relationships through any field of commerce and advertisement, breaking up is the first step towards what may seem as a painful fall into the abyss.

On one hand young women are being told the eternal love fairytales, while on the other bombarded with encouragements of putting their sexuality on display. Trying to match these unrealistic expectations, we fail by default as the decades of sex revolutions; fanatic feminism combined with late night Titanic sobs, impose a rather twisted mindset.

For a young woman in the 21st century it has become almost shameful to admit being searching for love. Weirdly, for many “searching” implies desperation, which is not the case at all.

After quitting a (long term) relationship, it feels like the river of love and affection that was flowing inside of you had a tree fallen right in the way. As a consequence, you are drowning in the feeling that you still have as well as in another dozen of those that you only imagine having. Being generous and loving to the friends and family lifts this tree off the path, thus allowing you to breathe freely again.

It is difficult for women to think of a breakup as a privilege that can allow them to grow and open the doors to new opportunities and meetings. However, in the times where “my other half” is rather called a “partner”, we are bound to take on the roles of an intelligent business companion, a gorgeous goddess of love, a great cook, a caring mother, ect. The following requires women to be strong individuals that will encourage their special someone to rise up to their level instead of being dragged down. Balance is essential.

The pressure of being the synonym for perfection is getting stronger as the digital era progresses but being impossible to define, this concept is incredibly vague. Therefore, the only criterion to assess perfection is your inner indicator. It is worth keeping in mind, however, that there is a fine line between trying to be better for someone you love and betraying who you are for the sake of satisfying someone’s ambiguous ego.

Interestingly, thoughtfulness has become a better alternative for perfection, as it is a huge deal breaker in many relations. Favorite color. Sudden surprise. Coffee in bed. Little things add up. Turns out that the “step by step” model works not only in a business start up.

Nevertheless, in the cynical world of today women are prone to tricking themselves into believing being in love. To a certain extent it is a way of proving to ourselves that we are easily capable of finding it. A look, a hint, an invitation to have a coffee – single women takes “reading behind the lines” to another level, a so-called, non-existing level.

If we were to look at the relationships as if they were a chess game, it would be silly to think about making the first move with a queen instead of a pawn. Time, consistency and thought goes into getting to know a new object of your attraction, rather that a bright spark that is gone with the first ray of dawn.

In a society that is so open minded, the amount of breakups is nothing more than a personal record towards the goal of discovering yourself. What are the qualities that you look for in a partner? Do you accept to take on submissive role or are you an equality fighter? How much can you discover your sexuality? All these questions require a deployed answer and the simple “hit or miss” do not cut it anymore.

The pain caused by a break up may have been the shield that covered you from another greater pain. Besides, everything is relative and concentrating on making yourself and the world around you better is the best cure for a broken heart!

What Are Italian Women Like? Fashion. Family. Lifestyle.

The world always has stereotypes with regards to countries and especially women living there. Thus, red lips, messy hair, a pencil skirt and a striped black-and-white shirt of an ever elegant and simple Frenchwoman have been on everyone’s lips for a very long time. The time has come to travel southeast from France and encounter a new enchanting beauty: the Italian woman. Out of all the cities, today she decided to stop in Milan – a place that has a unique charm and is an absolute winner in terms of fashion and design, which are the loyal companions of a sophisticated Italian lady. At first Milano feels slightly surreal, a little bit like a toy town. A real city doesn’t have perfectly clean marble galleries; doesn’t have groups of incredibly fashionable old women chatting at the bar while smoking and having their daily cappuccino; doesn’t have a slow motion effect when you are walking though and inhaling the astonishing beauty of the ancient buildings and friendly people.

original.jpg         eddda522054c6583967af8dc9554abd3.jpg

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Countdown to Christmas & A Letter to Santa

Christmas. Regardless of how old we get, there is not a single person who, at least for a mere moment, does not feel the warmth, happiness and magic spreading inside like the Nutella on toast on that lucky Sunday morning when mom decided to spoil us. This felling may perhaps be described by the streets that, suddenly all light up at once in that festive Coca Cola commercial. Only this time they are the veins in our bodies, leading to the main attraction of each town – our hearts. While children are enjoying their chocolate advent calendars, counting down to the big day, there is not a single excuse for the adults not to do the same. However, as grown ups, we learned to reflect and build plans along the way. Thus, in an engrossing excitement, it is challenging not to skip a single step of the countdown, so I decided to lift the veil and share my checklist that is paving my road into a new year.

Christmas.jpgChristmas 2.jpg

Letter .jpgP.S. Thank you for supporting me! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Let’s fill the world with goodness and kindness.


An Epic Card Game: Jean Paul Gaultier X OVS

Designer collaborations with mass-market brands are an alternative for a Christmas morning for all the fashion lovers out there. 2016 has been generous in terms of incredible collaborations, however the grand finale is the sweetest cherry on top of a cake. This time we are talking about the legendary designer, an extravagant and unlimitedly talented persona of the fashion industry – Jean Paul Gaultier. A costume designer for the, out of this world, cinematic masterpieces like “The Fifth Element” or “The Skin I Live In” has came down from the Olympus to create a festive holiday collection for an affordable Italian brand OVS. Continue reading “An Epic Card Game: Jean Paul Gaultier X OVS”

Halloween Mass Market Looks & History

Metamorphosis into a charismatic character, tireless trick-or-treating, fascinatingly frightening jack-o-lanterns, bold and scary makeup and abundance of red and orange make us think of one of the most favorite holidays of the year— Halloween.

What Is Halloween and Where Does It Come From?

Originally from Ireland and Scotland, the immigrants spread their tradition to the North America in the nineteenth century. Later on, in the twentieth century the All Hallows’ Evening, known by its nickname, Halloween, was adopted in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and others. It is interesting to note that the ancient Gaels believed that October 31st was a day when the worlds of the dead and the living would overlap. Thus, in order for the evil spirits to not come and damage the crops, a festival, called Samhain, was organized, which later on transformed into our adored holiday. Many confuse this celebration with The Day of The Dead and although both imply dressing up in costumes, there is a significant difference between them. In fact, The Day of The Dead gives tribute to those who passed away and represents an act of showing that one is not afraid of the dead.

 Souls' Day, J Schikaneder 1888. This oil painting shows an praying elderly woman after placing a wreath upon the tombstone of her loved one..jpg

Souls’ Day, J Schikaneder 1888. This oil painting shows an praying elderly woman after placing a wreath upon the tombstone of her loved one.

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