An Epic Card Game: Jean Paul Gaultier X OVS

Designer collaborations with mass-market brands are an alternative for a Christmas morning for all the fashion lovers out there. 2016 has been generous in terms of incredible collaborations, however the grand finale is the sweetest cherry on top of a cake. This time we are talking about the legendary designer, an extravagant and unlimitedly talented persona of the fashion industry – Jean Paul Gaultier. A costume designer for the, out of this world, cinematic masterpieces like “The Fifth Element” or “The Skin I Live In” has came down from the Olympus to create a festive holiday collection for an affordable Italian brand OVS.

How To Get Your Hands On The Collection

Approached by Caterina Salvador, the fashion director for women and kids departments in OVS, Jean Paul Gaultier gladly agreed to collaborate. Moreover, led by his artistic passion, the number of garments exceeded the original 15 that were planned and came up to 60 pieces of clothing for men and women as well as accessories. Although the collection is exclusive for Italy and the headquarters of Gaultier in Paris (coming out on November 19th), the collection will also be available online on November 18th on the official website of the brand.

Без названия 6.jpg     Без названия 2.jpg

Origins Of The Designer & His Ideas

Being born in the poor family of a constable and a cashier, his childhood was not filled with glamour and richness, however rather with love.

“I start each collection thinking how I can refresh my classics,”

says the designer. Thus for him, “classics” take their beginning all throughout his life, especially the one of him as a couturier. The grandmother of the artist who raised the little boy was a chiromancer and a fortuneteller, using cards. As a result, it comes as a no surprise that the first garments designed by the young talent for his mother and grandmother incorporated the tarot symbols. To a certain extent, this collection is a magnificent way back to the roots with the old familiar motifs.

Без названия.jpg     Без названия 7.jpg

A Sneak Peak

An icon that abandoned the prêt-à-porter fashion to express his creativity solely through haute couture and costumes treats the collaboration as an exciting game with card prints and a lot of asymmetry in the cuts of the garments. The top picks for the wish list include a particular pair of trousers/skirt in one that can be combined with a sparkly top for a statement weather appropriate holiday look as well as a tattoo t-shirt (€25) that reminds us a bit of the latest DSquared2 collection with a similar piece for €180. Asymmetrical construction, elegant silhouettes, sparkling and transparent textures, elegant colors and Gaultier’s creativity make the Saturday morning plans, for the fashionistas living in Italy, quite obvious.

Без названия 4.jpg     Без названия 3.jpg



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