Dandyism in Modernity

“To define is to limit.” 

-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


It is a rainy English afternoon. An extravagant young lord is gracefully walking thorough the stone-paved street. He catches the eyes of the passers right away with his screaming simplicity and independence from the settled norms. The fresh smell and confident appear set up a rather intriguing milieu. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just encountered lord Brummel or it should better be said, the first dandy in history. A man who has never been a subject to fashion does not suspect what an influence he will attain in the centuries to come. Thus, in the beginning of the eighteen hundreds fashion has not yet gained a multifaceted identity and an international equilibrium seen today, where innovations are taken bravely and admiringly. Nevertheless, one aspect of it has been kept constant– the joy of astonishing others. Continue reading “Dandyism in Modernity”