What Are Italian Women Like? Fashion. Family. Lifestyle.

The world always has stereotypes with regards to countries and especially women living there. Thus, red lips, messy hair, a pencil skirt and a striped black-and-white shirt of an ever elegant and simple Frenchwoman have been on everyone’s lips for a very long time. The time has come to travel southeast from France and encounter a new enchanting beauty: the Italian woman. Out of all the cities, today she decided to stop in Milan – a place that has a unique charm and is an absolute winner in terms of fashion and design, which are the loyal companions of a sophisticated Italian lady. At first Milano feels slightly surreal, a little bit like a toy town. A real city doesn’t have perfectly clean marble galleries; doesn’t have groups of incredibly fashionable old women chatting at the bar while smoking and having their daily cappuccino; doesn’t have a slow motion effect when you are walking though and inhaling the astonishing beauty of the ancient buildings and friendly people.

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Halloween Mass Market Looks & History

Metamorphosis into a charismatic character, tireless trick-or-treating, fascinatingly frightening jack-o-lanterns, bold and scary makeup and abundance of red and orange make us think of one of the most favorite holidays of the year— Halloween.

What Is Halloween and Where Does It Come From?

Originally from Ireland and Scotland, the immigrants spread their tradition to the North America in the nineteenth century. Later on, in the twentieth century the All Hallows’ Evening, known by its nickname, Halloween, was adopted in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and others. It is interesting to note that the ancient Gaels believed that October 31st was a day when the worlds of the dead and the living would overlap. Thus, in order for the evil spirits to not come and damage the crops, a festival, called Samhain, was organized, which later on transformed into our adored holiday. Many confuse this celebration with The Day of The Dead and although both imply dressing up in costumes, there is a significant difference between them. In fact, The Day of The Dead gives tribute to those who passed away and represents an act of showing that one is not afraid of the dead.

 Souls' Day, J Schikaneder 1888. This oil painting shows an praying elderly woman after placing a wreath upon the tombstone of her loved one..jpg

Souls’ Day, J Schikaneder 1888. This oil painting shows an praying elderly woman after placing a wreath upon the tombstone of her loved one.

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