Countdown to Christmas & A Letter to Santa

Christmas. Regardless of how old we get, there is not a single person who, at least for a mere moment, does not feel the warmth, happiness and magic spreading inside like the Nutella on toast on that lucky Sunday morning when mom decided to spoil us. This felling may perhaps be described by the streets that, suddenly all light up at once in that festive Coca Cola commercial. Only this time they are the veins in our bodies, leading to the main attraction of each town – our hearts. While children are enjoying their chocolate advent calendars, counting down to the big day, there is not a single excuse for the adults not to do the same. However, as grown ups, we learned to reflect and build plans along the way. Thus, in an engrossing excitement, it is challenging not to skip a single step of the countdown, so I decided to lift the veil and share my checklist that is paving my road into a new year.

Christmas.jpgChristmas 2.jpg

Letter .jpgP.S. Thank you for supporting me! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Let’s fill the world with goodness and kindness.


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