Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Istituto Marangoni: a Look From the Inside


Studying fashion is not about dressing up fancy. The truth is as simple as this and it is disturbingly misleading that those who do not have enough knowledge about fashion universities take a right to judge people who study in this field. From a young age we are taught to put more emphasis on “serious” subjects like math, physics or biology and rather disregard the “easy” ones like art and PE. Thus, the vast majority is drowning in a sea of stereotypes even though no one can put labels on classes, degrees, jobs and interests. In all honesty, in the evolution process, society has created a lot of fields and concepts that are not essential for the survival of the human race, which is why there is no sense in stating that a certain profession is “more serious” or “more useful” that the other. If anything, I have always wanted to be involved in an industry that brings others joy and happiness, satisfaction and beauty, aesthetics and style. Fashion meets all the above and Istituto Marangoni makes one a specialist. Continue reading “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Istituto Marangoni: a Look From the Inside”

Dandyism in Modernity

“To define is to limit.” 

-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


It is a rainy English afternoon. An extravagant young lord is gracefully walking thorough the stone-paved street. He catches the eyes of the passers right away with his screaming simplicity and independence from the settled norms. The fresh smell and confident appear set up a rather intriguing milieu. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just encountered lord Brummel or it should better be said, the first dandy in history. A man who has never been a subject to fashion does not suspect what an influence he will attain in the centuries to come. Thus, in the beginning of the eighteen hundreds fashion has not yet gained a multifaceted identity and an international equilibrium seen today, where innovations are taken bravely and admiringly. Nevertheless, one aspect of it has been kept constant– the joy of astonishing others. Continue reading “Dandyism in Modernity”

Designer Collaborations with H&M & My Kenzo X H&M Wish List


You said, “designer labels at affordable prices?” Sign me up!

There is a number of events that, when mentioned to the fashion lovers all over the world, makes their hear beat faster in excitement. Thus, the designer collaborations of H&M have earned the honor to become one of these occasions. Kilometers long lines outside the stores, ruthlessly minded crowds of shoppers, freezing cold fingertips, endless news articles, huge billboards with advertisements and sweet anticipation of exclusive new purchases all have a place to be every beginning of November. As a result, a huge desire is created, transforming a capsule into a fashion event. Continue reading “Designer Collaborations with H&M & My Kenzo X H&M Wish List”

Fashion Jungle

What Does It Take for the Designers to Quit & Is There a Formula to Success?

Imagine the fashion world as wildlife. An environment with its own predators that are dominating upon weaker forces, packs of species that are threatening and yet incredibly majestic and influential. Perhaps being a part of groups like LVMH or Kering means that there are fewer chances you will be eaten this afternoon, however who can be so mighty as to put a price tag on creative freedom? Famous designers leaving well established fashion houses is a topic that is troubling the fashion industry. Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, Frida Giannini, Hedi Slimane, Italo Zucchelli Peter Dundas, Francisco Costa, Donna Karan, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gautier and many others move on towards the development of their own brands or completely leave the fashion industry. Thus, there are a number of hypotheses as for why this shift is happening but what matters is getting to the core of the issue. Continue reading “Fashion Jungle”