Designer Collaborations with H&M & My Kenzo X H&M Wish List


You said, “designer labels at affordable prices?” Sign me up!

There is a number of events that, when mentioned to the fashion lovers all over the world, makes their hear beat faster in excitement. Thus, the designer collaborations of H&M have earned the honor to become one of these occasions. Kilometers long lines outside the stores, ruthlessly minded crowds of shoppers, freezing cold fingertips, endless news articles, huge billboards with advertisements and sweet anticipation of exclusive new purchases all have a place to be every beginning of November. As a result, a huge desire is created, transforming a capsule into a fashion event.

When Did Everything Start?


Ever since 2004, when Karl Lagerfeld and H&M presented their collection, the famous mass-market brand has been working with known designers and fashion influencers in order to create unique pieces that will be sold out within a day, as it is a shopping event. This marketing strategy is rather brilliant because it creates hype around a fashion house and even if one was not its admirer before, it psychologically triggers the buyers to obtain an exclusive designer garment for a reasonable price. Additionally, the publicity behind this event draws more attention to H&M itself, raising the sales of its other lines. Some say that clothes form these collections are for a one-time wear and will go out of style soon due to the fact that everyone remembers the season it was from. However, I strongly disagree with the statements of this sort. Well-made quality pieces that are bought with prior analysis of your wardrobe will last to be enjoyed for years to come. As long as a garment is IN your style, it is still IN style.


Mix and Match à la Kenzo

This year Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo designed an extravagant print-heavy line of clothes and accessories that will hit the shelves on November 3rd. To promote the capsule even further, designers advertise it through famous artists, influencers, models or actors that represent the brand’s aesthetics. Kardashians for Balmain X H&M last year are now followed by activist writer Amy Sall, DJ Juliana Huxtable, makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench, musician Anna of the North, and photographer Youngjun Koo. As stated by Humberto Leon,

“They’re people we admire, icons in their own fields, people who are influential beyond their fashion sensibility.”



On the first glance the look book may scare some away due to the busy styling and artistic approach of the photoshoot. Nevertheless, when carefully examining piece by piece, turns out that loads of garments are wearable and may be paired with basic clothes to be toned down and embedded into our day to day wardrobe. For the more bold individuals, you can learn to mix and match à la Kenzo.

Thus, out of 106 pieces I selected the ones that I consider buying and divided them into 3 categories.When making preferences I stay away from unpractical and unflattering crop tops, bell sleeves that cannot be worn under jackets, hard to iron garments, head to toe busy prints and bulky jewelry.

Easy to style & accessories.jpg

Accessories are an easy choice because paired with a plain black or beige coat all the scarfs and hats above will create a beautiful pop of color on a cold winter day. Moreover, one can never go wrong with a simple black or white tee/sweatshirt, especially with an adorable tiger logo on it.

More Elaborate yet Versatile .jpg

Moving on I present you a selection of more colorful T-shirts, sweaters, jacket, shirt and turtlenecks that can be easily matched with simple denim or classic black “cigarette” trousers. Respectively, tiger printed leggings would look rather understated with a crisp white shirt or a black sweater.

For the Expreriment Lovers .jpg

Lastly, fashion loves to dare and be bold, so oftentimes we can allow ourselves to incorporate an extravagant piece to bright up the grey mood. For example, in the winter months, a pink tiger printed sleeveless dress would look appropriate and chic paired with a long-sleeved white or black shirt underneath. Also, the sweatshirts can act as the only accent paired with all black.

Whatever style or attire you prefer, it is important to stay comfortable and be yourself, as not even the mighty Kenzo will be able to grant you the confidence. However it can attempt to boost it, right?

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