Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Istituto Marangoni: a Look From the Inside


Studying fashion is not about dressing up fancy. The truth is as simple as this and it is disturbingly misleading that those who do not have enough knowledge about fashion universities take a right to judge people who study in this field. From a young age we are taught to put more emphasis on “serious” subjects like math, physics or biology and rather disregard the “easy” ones like art and PE. Thus, the vast majority is drowning in a sea of stereotypes even though no one can put labels on classes, degrees, jobs and interests. In all honesty, in the evolution process, society has created a lot of fields and concepts that are not essential for the survival of the human race, which is why there is no sense in stating that a certain profession is “more serious” or “more useful” that the other. If anything, I have always wanted to be involved in an industry that brings others joy and happiness, satisfaction and beauty, aesthetics and style. Fashion meets all the above and Istituto Marangoni makes one a specialist.

We Do Not All Make Clothes

Located in Milan, Paris, London, Florence and Shanghai, the university offers a wide range of courses in design, fashion and arts in the frame of BA, MA, intensive or short programmes. Despite the common misconception, not all courses actually design clothes and accessories because there is a lot of focus on business, communication, styling, ect. Below, you will find the table with programmes available in terms of BA and MA since this is the target interest of the majority, however the information about the other courses can be found on the official website. Furthermore, the fact that there are no strict application criteria (apart from a high school diploma and a portfolio in some cases) should not scare anyone away since after the first year, a certain amount of students will drop out for a number of reasons. What counts is your professionalism and determination!


An example of a computer lab

How Important Is a Degree?

Success loves commitment and this applies to any task, work or subject of studying. Thus, it is important to know that within the fashion industry the Marangoni Diploma is highly appreciated valued and recognized. Moreover, the majority of fashion universities will not care whether your previously obtained degree is accredited as a BA or not (al long as it was a 3 years of higher education) and will judge you solely based on the portfolio. With this being said, it is crucial to acknowledge that Milan, Florence, and Shanghai will not provide accredited degrees, as do London and Paris. Indeed, it is unfair, especially since a lot of the courses are identical, however it is something to be aware of. Your future employer, for example, will never care about the specifics of the degree but rather about the individual’s skills, enthusiasm, knowledge of languages, ect.

Priceless Experience (Teachers & Students)

When being involved in an institution such as Instituto Marangoni, the connections made there are priceless. Therefore, the lecturers teaching the classes are all working professionals in their fields with an overloading amount of experience, real life examples and stories to share. Since the groups are quite small (with no more than 20 people per class), there is always a possibility to ask a question, clarify a concept or get an advice on an ongoing project. Normally, people who attend a place like this will share your same interests and determination. Does it mean that there will not be conflicts, laziness and personal struggles? Of course no; however this is a natural aspect of any learning process and of working with other people.

Look Around, This Is Fashion!

The three main locations of the schools are the world’s fashion capitals and it is fundamental that you take advantage of an environment that you live in. Go to galleries, see the widows, go to the fashion shows, try to apply for part-time internships, meet people, communicate, all the doors are opened for the Marangoni students. Sometimes the teachers will take a group of students to see a PR agency or an editorial like Vogue to get a sense that the world of fashion cannot be enclosed only inside the books.


Translations, Duration & Rules

In Italian campuses certain classes may not be taught directly in English but in Italian with a synchronized English interpreter (aka translator). This way you will always understand the lecture material and, of course, do the assignments and presentations in English. Nevertheless, it is better to take an opportunity and at least try to learn Italian or French at the level of B1/B2 because these are the language of fashion and their knowledge will always be a bonus on your CV. The academic year of 3 semesters starts in the beginning of September and finishes at the end of May. Respectively, there will be three exam sessions (written exams or projects to hand-in) with no more than 20% absence rate per semester. Unlike in public universities, the attendance does matter because the classes truly contribute towards the best understanding of the subjects.


Final Thoughts

Nowadays, good education is an equivalent of an Hermès’ Birkin, so nothing comes cheap and easy. With this in mind, Istituto Marangoni is a wonderful place to spend your years in due to a creative atmosphere, interesting projects and enchanting content. You know that it is the money well spend, when your education becomes that connecting link between you and the achievement of your big dreams.



Milan Paris London Florence Shanghai
Fashion Design (3 yr.) Fashion Design (BA) Fashion Design (BA) Fashion design (3 yr.) Luxury Brand Management & Promotion (MA)
Fashion Syling (3 yr.) Fashion Styling (BA) Fashion Styling (BA) Fashion Syling (3 yr.) Fashion Buying & Merchandising (MA)
Fashion Business (3 yr.) Fashion Business (BA) Fashion Business (BA) Fashion Business (3 yr.)  
Fashion Communication & New Media (3 yr.) Fashion Design & Accessories (BA) Fashion Design & Accessories (BA) Multimedia Arts (3 yr.)  
Accessories Design (3 yr.) Fashion Design Womenswear (MA) Fashion Design Womenswear (MA) Fashion design Collection (postgrad.)  
Fashion Design Womenswear (postgrad.) Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media (MA) Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media (MA) Curatorial Management (postgrad.)  
Fashion Design Menswear (postgrad.) Fashion & Luxury Brand Management (MA) Fashion & Luxury Brand Management (MA) Arts Management (postgrad.)  
Fashion Styling & Portfolio (postgrad.) Contemporary Fashion Buying (MA) Contemporary Fashion Buying (MA) Luxury Accessories Design & Management (postgrad.)  
Fashion Photography & Film (postgrad.)        
Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media (postgrad.)        
Fashion & Luxury Brand Management (postgrad.)        
Fashion and Law (postgrad.)        
Fashion Entrepreneurship (postgrad.)        
Luxury Accessories Design & Management (postgrad.)        
Interior Design (3 yr.)        
Industrial Product & Furniture Design (3 yr.)        
Visual & Multimedia Design (3 yr.)        
Home Collection (postgrad.)        
Surface & Textile Design (postgrad.)        
Italian Furniture & Product Design (postgrad.)        
Luxury Accessories design & Management (postgrad.)        
Fine Jewelry Design (postgrad.)        
New Tech: Style Trend, Textiles, Technology (postgrad.)        
Design Management (postgrad.)        

P.S. For any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will gladly answer.


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